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"End of life care is everyone’s business"

Prof. Keri Thomas

Founder of GSF

Welcome to GSF International

This Gold Standards Framework International (GSF-I ) website  provides information and guidance on ways to to improve care for people in their last years of life.

Building on over 20 years of GSF in the UK, the site includes details of use of GSF in the UK and internationally including in Africa,  as well as information on GSF training, tools, experience and  evidence, with helpful guidance on next steps to take this work forward.  

The aim of GSF:

       to enable a 'gold standard' of care 

           for all people in their last years of life,

               supporting them to live well until they die.



The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) is the leading training provider for generalist frontline staff in end-of-life care in the UK. Having trained many thousands of teams across all settings, GSF has helped many millions of people receive better care, allowing them to live well until they die.

GSF enables everyone to play their part. It is a step-by-step quality improvement programme, offering nationally recognised training, tools, measures and support.

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GSF International

The purpose of GSF International is to share with others  across the world this knowledge, learning  and experience in enabling generalists, with the common goal of providing better care for more people in the final years of life with any condition, in any setting, in the wider population.

This includes work in both low/middle income countries  through our charity The Andrew Rodger Trust as well as high income countries. (see below)

End of Life Care is Everyone's Business


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Enabling generalist frontline staff. 


GSF focusses on enabling and upskilling 'generalist' care providers, releasing their talents, building their competence and confidence, enabling them to give 'gold standard' care for all.


Working with palliative care specialists  and hospices, GSF helps to reach all the millions of generalist providers of care, supporting them to deliver compassionate care that is proactive, personalised, well coordinated and sustainable long term.


GSF includes working at all levels- with individuals, teams, communities, systems, as well as building the evidence and influencing and implementing national policy. 

GSF takes both a personal and a population view, in supporting both the individual patient receive quality care and also the wider interconnected system and population.

'Big Picture' End of Life Care

both Population-based and Person-centred



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Overview of the recent GSF UK work 

Click to download

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What we can do for you

If you are interested in bringing this work to your own country, this site provides a wealth of information including a detailed overview of GSF, examples of application in the UK and in Africa, as well as helpful articles and published evidence, experience and testimonials of its impact and free downloadable tools to use in practice, a library of evidence.

If you would like to take this further, please contact us to discuss how GSF could help you in your context.

And if you want to:

  • register for a GSF Training Programme register here ,

  • seek guidance or use of tools see here 

  • or for consultancy or other queries , do contact us directly below.


For grants , support and tools for pilots in Africa
from Andrew Rodger Trust 2022-4

'Planning Early,  Going for Gold' 

See Session at APCA Conference
28th April 2023
 Keri Thomas 
and for details see  here 

An overview of GSF

GSF International

The UK National GSF Celebration

20 years of Gold Standards Framework  2000-2020


GSF International has two main areas of operation;

  • Charitable work in resource-poor countries, working through the GSF-I charity, the Andrew Rodger Trust  and GSF Africa, improving palliative and end-of-life care in Africa and low-to-middle-income-countries (LMIC), working with the African Palliative Care Association (APCA) alongside African national palliative care associations .

  • GSF International in developed or high income countries, through Horizon Life Care, working to improve generalist palliative and end-of-life care. Over the years we have been working with people from Australia, Canada, Japan, China, Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium, Portugal, South Africa, Singapore, Holland, USA and many more.


Any profits from work in developed countries through Horizon are passed on to the charity for work in Africa.

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If you are interested in supporting the work of The Andrew Rodger Trust Charity in Africa, either by donating or contributing in other ways, please contact us for details.

Or you can donate directly using the button below. Thank you 

GSF International is now  working independent from GSF UK 

For UK enquires, please visit the GSF UK site here.

So what is the impact of the Gold Standards Framework ?

Although GSF started in the UK, the principles are the same all over the world. GSF has produced numerous videos to explain those concepts. Click on the videos below and throughout this website for explanations, advice and testimonials from users. 

Keri Thomas Introduces GSF in the UK

 The 'BBC Doctor' Sarah Jarvis talks about GSF 

GSF Influencing and Implementing National Policy

GSF Testimonial and Experiences in the UK 

Information and Resources

Information and Resources

About GSF

GSF International_V1.jpg

Understand GSF's origins, its context, history, what it is and how it works.

GSF Africa

Africa hands.png

See how the work has been applied internationally, particularly in Africa. Learn about the work of the Andrew Rodger Charitable Trust.


Primary Care Small.jpg

See examples from the UK of GSF at work in Primary Care, Care Homes, Hospitals, Home Care, Hospices , wider systems and more.


Book shelf.png

View the  key papers, evidence base and ongoing research behind the work of GSF.

Life & Death

Spirit small.jpg

Reflections on matters of life and death,  spiritual care, living with dying and bereavement .



Information, guidance and free downloads for the GSF Proactive Identification Guidance (PIG) and videos, teaching and tools to help mainstream Advanced Care Planning (ACP).

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