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“The GSF opened up a whole new way of looking at end of life care for us and helped make sense of the journey. The result is that we can now help people have a better, more personalised death.

CC Manager Poole Community Hospital 

More  knowledge means the staff feel more confident and have a better understanding of the human side of dying. So, when deaths occurs it’s not distressing, and we feel that we have done everything possible to provide that person with a comfortable, peaceful and pain-free death.”

Dr V.M GP York GSF Accredited Practice 

Additional GSF Training Programmes and Courses

In addition to the main GSF Quality Improvement Training programmes in health and social care, GSF UK has been running additional courses to support the work of GSF in enabling generalists , which might be of interest to you in your country also.

Together they add to the whole system improvement in palliative and end of life care and contribute to individual staff knowledge and understanding of specific subject areas.


They have separate resources tailored to the setting but based on GSF principles and  are mainly delivered as on-line programmes and/ or with use of webinars and workshops as needed. 

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Dementia Care

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Clinical Skills

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Spiritual & Compassionate Care

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