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"GSF Evaluation is intrinsic in all programmes, including measures of progress as well as impact assessment"

GSF - UK Evaluations

The many GSF  Measures, Evaluations and metrics are in 2 groups

1. Measures for improvement ​


  • Target practice exercise before and after showing areas of strength and weakness

  • Organisational questionnaires- comparative and colour matched against key processes to demonstrate progress

  • Trackers – 5 QI run charts to assess progress in the place of work, repeated and built upon to show progress

  • Staff confidence survey before and after  training demonstrating change and areas for future need

2. Measures for assessment and accreditation

  • Key Outcomes Ratios eg numbers  and proportion identified, numbers  and proportions offered ACP, numbers dying in preferred place of choice

  • Audit -on-line After Death Analysis before and after

  • Portfolio of evidence for Accreditation

Previous research projects include: 

Current research projects  and abstracts for conferences include.

  • KT’s Masters at Cardiff BJGP Bill Noble Sheffield

  • Use of GSF in primary care Warwick University Dan Munday 2005

  • Comparison of GSF facilitation in primary care Warwick University Munday

  • Use of After Death Analysis Uni Birmingham Collette Clifford

  • GSF Care Homes Uni Birmingham monitoring tool Collette Clifford 2006

  • Distress Thermometer for the Elderly  University of Birmingham 2007 Jan R Oyebode, Jennifer Dilworth

  • Primary Care Uni of Birmingham Karen Shaw University of  Birmingham 2008

  • Advance Care Planning in Primary care Scott Murray Edinburgh University

  • Paediatric palliative care study – Karen Shaw NIHR

  • Education and enablement of Generalists – linked to SDO proposals

  • Use of Prognostic Indicator Guidance - with Edinburgh University

  • Use of other prognostic tools – international collaboration

  • Team working analysis in care homes Uni Birmingham- 07

  • Integrated cross boundary care and development of pilot metrics 2018

  • Benefits of being a ‘gold’ patient 2019

  • Improving End of Life care in Care Homes- use of GSF 2019

  • Ongoing evaluation of care homes with GSF Centre, Kings College etc Sleeman

  • Denmark Oslo University pilot on Advance care planning – cluster randomised control - Reider Peterson, Trygve Johannes 2000 onwards

  • Abstracts submitted for EAPC 2021 on implementation of GSF during COVID in :-

  • Primary care and care homes (Laura Pugh)

  • Primary care and ICS integrated care (with Julie Barker)

  • Whole hospital (with Jo Bowman Dudley Hospital)

  • Use of GSF on a CCU (with Rob Huggett Dudley Hospital  )

  • Retirement villages (with Shirley Hall )

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