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"Dream as if you'll live forever.
         Live as if you'll die today." 
                                                             James Dean

GSF UK Hospice

The GSF Hospice Support Training Programme was developed in 2014 to support local hospices enhance their inpatient care and extension out to the community, using GSF principles and resources to enable better working with Primary Care Teams and hospitals. Several hospices have been Accredited and Reaccredited with the GSF Quality Hallmark Award. 

Using a structured approach, centrally coordinated and delivered by the GSF team, this programme is making a real difference to the hospices, supports better collaboration with GPs and others and enables people to live well and die well in the place and in the manner of their choosing.

Some hospices became GSF Regional Training Centres, delivering training to care homes, domiciliary care providers and others in their area.

Jersey Hospice in particular led the way in dissemination and facilitation of GSF across all care providers in Jersey, including GPs, care homes, hospital, domiciliary care and others, to deliver improved integrated care  and a change of culture across the whole island.


Gail Edwards , GSF Lead Jersey Hospice  describes how Jersey Hospice uses GSF and has spread it across the whole island to other care providers 

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For the GSF Hospice Flyer, click here

For the Jersey GSF Project Flyer, click here 

For the Jersey Hospice 3 year study report, click here

"In my experience of working to improve end of life care in East London, the GSF has been key. I believe it is one of the single greatest aids to this work, drawing together generalists and specialists to address the needs of patients and their families."  

Heather Richardson former Clinical Director  

Hospice-UK London 

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